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  1. 1 You upload the dataset into the N-INFINITE platform. Any format file, from .xlsx and .csv to .sav and Triple-S
  2. 2 Sample assessment. Our platform will analyze your full dataset.
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Integration opportunities

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Research Tools
Platforms like Qualtrics® or Survey Monkey® are turbocharging their offer by enabling their customers to complete incomplete questionnaires, or increase the quantity of responses gathered.
Research Agencies
Improve both speed and data quality using our advanced machine learning technology platform.
Improve delivery times and sampling efficiencies by taking a blended approach that includes semi-synthetic data.

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Augmented Audiences

What is it?

Cutting edge blend of data engineering, data science and machine learning models that are combined into our N-INFINITE platform to allow clients to generate synthetic answers from their own datasets.
The platform creates AI models that are unique to each training data set, ensuring that the outputs reflect the training data used each time.

Use Cases

  • Complete quota cells more quickly, which reduces field times and removes the need for weighting.
  • Increase overall sample sizes based on high quality respondents (reduced reliance on long tail of ‘bad’ panellists)
Processed datasets
Complete Incompletes

What is it?

The N-INFINITE platform can complete incomplete surveys from 30% completion and upwards with a high degree of accuracy.

Use Cases

  • Stop leaving money on the table – utilise survey incompletes in real time to save time and money.
Processed datasets

Research fieldwork challenges

How N-INFINITE can support your business across recurring fieldwork challenges that you may be faced with.


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